CRT2 - Praktikum/ Advanced practical course "Reaction Engineering"


The aim of the experiments in the research groups of the department is to give the student - in addition to the practical training of the bachelor course - the opportunity of having a closer look to the current research projects.
Without security instruction, which has to be signed by Dr. Schulz, you are not allowed to start your work in these training lessons.

  • Date for the general safety instruction and registration:
    • October 24th at 16:00 in Room T0.75
    • October 26th at 16:00 in Room T0.75
  • Registration is possible and can be done at StudOn until November 11th
  • The experiments will take place in the labs of the responsible assistants listed below.
  • Please arrange a date for your experiment with the assistant. Praktikum (2 days)
  • Registration at the assistants is possible from Oktober 17th until Oktober 28th. Date should be coordinated with them.
  • Organisation: Dr. P. Schulz
  • Kolloquium: Dr. A. Bösmann, Prof. Dr. H. Freund, Dr. M. Haumann, Dr. P. Schulz, Prof. Dr. W. Schwieger


Titel Assistant
1. Kontinuierliche Dehydrierung von Perhydro-DibenzyltoluolAlexander Bulgarin
2. The synthesis and fabrication of membranes based on polymerised ionic liquidsMikhail Gantman
3. Untersuchungen zur Charakterisierung des Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) Systems Dibenzyltoluol/Perhydro-Dibenzyltoluol in der katalytischen Hydrierung Holger Jorschick
4. Optimization of carboxylic acids separation in a distillation columnJulian Kadar
5. Aqueous formic acid solution - the decomposition of an energy carrier for its application in fuel cells Axel Kosider
6. Synthesis and characterization POM catalyst for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass  to formic acidChirapat Kumpidet
7. Calibration of monosaccharides by proton nuclear magnetic resonanceElif Kurt
8. Organische Reaktionen in SalzschmelzenMarlene Scheuermeyer
9. Untersuchung verschiedener Betriebsparameter auf die Leistungskennlinie (Strom-Spannungs-Kurve) einer Proton-Exchange-Membran Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Gabriel Sievi
10.Charakterisierung eines Mehrphasen-Berty-Reaktors unter Variation der Rührer-GeometrieThomas Solymosi
11.Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Vorbehandlungsmethoden auf die Aktivität von KatalysatorenLisa Wagner

An advanced practical course in the subject reaction engineering will be offered in the wintersemester 2016/17. Our aim is to use the material dealt with in the basic course as a basis and to allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. You should also gain an insight into our current research activities. For this reason some experiments will be carried out directly within the research groups. The corresponding experiments are advertised on our notice boards and on the internet.

Some organisational issues:

  • The experiments can be carried out starting from the October 24th 2016
  • The last date for registration is the November 11th 2016
  • The experiments should be finished by January 30th 2017
  • The reaction engineering practical (advanced) is composed of a two day experiment. It is most preferably offered in the winter semester for the 7th study semester.
  • The experiments are to be carried out in groups of two. Groups of three require special consent from the head of practical and will only be accepted for exceptional cases.
  • A safety instruction exercise is to be completed before experiments can be carried out. This safety instruction will take place in the lab for practical.
  • Each experiment is preceded by a discussion with the teaching assistant. Here the students have to demonstrate that they have learned the basics and the necessary practical details of the experiment, such that a smooth execution of the experiment can be expected. The teaching assistant also explains the conditions and the specific settings to be used in the experiment.
  • Within 14 days after performing the experiment the students have to submit a written report
    of the experimental results to the teaching assistant. This report must be prepared jointly by the group members and signed by both students. At this time the instruction manual is also to be returned.
  • After the written report has been handed in and accepted by the teaching assistant, a final oral exam for the advanced practical course is to be completed with Dr. Bösmann, Prof. Freund, Dr. Haumann, Dr. Schulz, Prof. Schwieger within the WS 2016/17. Appointments are to be arranged personally with the examiners. After failing this exam twice a repeat exam is to be carried out with the department head.
  • After passing the practical course oral exam the student will receive a certificate. This is a prerequisite for entering the degree examination (oral for the specialisation subject).

Supervisior of practical course

Herr Dr. P. Schulz
Room T 3.97, Phone (0)9131 85-27431
Office hours:
Montags, 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr
or contact by E-Mail: